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About Us

The Healthy Young Dancer Project Team is made up of professionals who are passionate about advancing cutting-edge research in the fields of dance, dance medicine, dance science and mind-body wellness. Our wish is to provide young dancers and their families with as full of a spectrum of support as possible. Additionally, we also offer networking support via our 1000+ THYDP International Facebook community members group.

Our THYDP Facebook can be found here. Join us!

Five Point Dancer Method At Magnify Dance Center with Melody Krech

Our Story

Our global THYDP team came together because of the need we saw based on our collective experiences over many decades of working in the dance world artistically/medically/holistically. This website is our response to countless requests from dance students and parents/guardians to have a place where they can find a diverse selection of dance related experts. The services we all offer are in areas that support increasing the overall wellbeing of dancers mentally, physically and emotionally. Our work also empowers and educates young dancers about the importance of self-care practices and focuses on learning how to tune in and communicate their needs to their adult support system. 

We all believe in the power of positive energy and it is our intention that by coming together we can have an even greater impact on our beloved world of dance. We know that through education there can be less mental and physical injuries, fewer eating disorders, and longer and safer careers... overall happier and healthier young dancers. 

We are The Healthy Young Dancer Project! 

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